Saturday, September 1, 2012

Conservative Republicans Hate Women


  1. I have no idea if the claim about visitation rights and the corresponding map is true.

    I have known plenty of conservative republicans who do NOT hate women -- quite the contrary.

    Off the top of my head, the policy seems stupid. I am also curious how a father would get visitation rights in a rape case -- they should be prison.

    1. Rape is only a slap on the wrist because men are the ones that wrote the majority of the laws. Once they do get out of jail, if they even go to jail, they then can file for visitation rights. My vote on this matter is that if you violate someone else's rights like in the case of rape, you lose all of your rights. I view rape as being worse than murder for the victim because the victim has to live with the memories for the rest of their lives. Murder is heinous as well but the victim obviously does not have to deal with the aftemath but the victims family and friends are.

      In the case where there is a pregnancy and shared custody, that's just that much more insult to injury to have to deal with the rapist. This is a double edged sword because that kind of punishment can also hurt those that did not actually commit rape but the "victim" is falsely claiming. It's a difficult situation as a lot of rape cases are he said vs. she said.

  2. If true, it's a stupid law, but your title makes no sense. Are you saying that Washington, Oregon, New York, and Massachusetts are conservative Republican states? Are you saying that Texas and Idaho aren't?

  3. Illinois, a conservative state.....

    Mike is a moron

    Rape should be a death penalty offense.....