Friday, August 31, 2012

Stolen Guns in the U.K.

 via The BBC

Nearly 3,000 guns were lost by or stolen from people registered to hold them in the past five years, according to figures obtained by the BBC. More than half of these weapons were shotguns.

The data, which was published for the first time on Wednesday, revealed that 1,448 shotguns and 294 rifles have been stolen since 2007.

The guns lost during the period included 730 shotguns, 86 rifles and 14 revolvers. 

Chrissie Hall, spokesperson for the Gun Control Network, said public safety was being compromised "by individuals who have shown themselves to be irresponsible".

"These figures are probably the tip of the iceberg. If gun owners lose their weapons and are in breach of their registration and conditions, their licence should be revoked," she told BBC News. 

"But whether this happens is at the discretion of the chief constable and the firearms department. It's not always rigorously applied." She added: "People lose their glasses and they lose their umbrella but to lose their gun is unbelievably irresponsible.

"It's part of their conditions that the shotgun is safely stored at all times... obviously if it's lost it isn't safely stored, they're in breach of their licence, they're putting members of the public at risk."
What do you think? How does the situation in the U.K. compare to our own?

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  1. See the perversity of gun control? It leads people to blame the victim . It leads to an implicit defense of the criminal.

    What we find here is that gun control laws, no matter how strict, will fail, especially in this country. Safe storage laws? Even in draconian Britain, people don't obey. What makes you think we would?

  2. Punish the criminal that stole the gun, not the individual who's rights were infringed upon by the criminal that stole the gun. We all should be able to feel safe in our own homes and shouldn't have to lock up all of our valuables. Our statutes on these crimes are not harsh enough because criminals do not fear the current punishments enough to make them stop before they commit the crimes.

    Since there is such a high socialistic attitude on this blog, why don't we take a look at China's statutes on something like drug trafficking is. Do you know what the punishment for drug trafficking is in China? EXECUTION! Makes you wonder what China's statutes are on murder, assault, rape and other violent crimes. Granted, because they are a communist country, higher up officials commit those acts all the time and they're never punished. The more power you give to the government, the less power the citizens have. All the more reason for the citizens of the US to keep and bear arms, even semi-automatic rifles with high capacity magazines.