Friday, February 15, 2013

California Man, Everett Basham, Arrested for Threatening Sen. Leland Lee

SF Gate
Yee received a threat via e-mail four weeks ago that referred to his efforts to strengthen California's assault weapons ban. He did not say whether it came from Basham, citing a request from the CHP not to divulge details of the investigation.

Keigwin said the threat "was very specific on what the individual wanted to do."

The allegations came as a surprise to Basham's neighbors, who described him as an eccentric and reclusive engineer. Several tall antennas rise from his roof, and surveillance cameras are installed on the property.

Next-door neighbor Phillip Jamison called Basham a "quiet guy that we always thought that someday we'd see on TV. That was the inside joke. His was clearly not the best-kept house in the neighborhood. The antennas and all that stuff always bothered people."
Just another freedom-loving, rights-protecting patriot standing up for what's right. Someone's got to do it.

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  1. No gun owner can be trusted. All of them can go off at a moment's notice. If you are living with a gun owner, GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!

    1. Since one American in three is a gun owner, you'd better stop talking if you're that afraid of us.

      Unless you're endangering my life or the life of some other innocent person, I have no interest in doing anything to you. But since you live in constant fear of gun owners, don't you imagine that not taunting them is a good idea?

    2. Where were your comments regarding Chris Dorner?

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