Tuesday, May 5, 2015



  1. in regards to campaign finance rules wouldn't it be more informative to base the rating on what the candidate is actually doing to finance their campaign? I don't see how Clinton could be considered "liberal" on this topic when she is out raking in as much money as possible from whoever is willing to give it to her. I don't know about the other two, but I would bet they would not turn away from any money either.

  2. I see the "progressive" sharks are already circling,

    "But before liberal Democrats flock to Sanders, they should remember that the Vermont senator stands firmly to Clinton’s right on one issue of overwhelming importance to the Democratic base: gun control. During his time in Congress, Sanders opposed several moderate gun control bills. He also supported the most odious NRA–backed law in recent memory—one that may block Sandy Hook families from winning a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the gun used to massacre their children."


    And strangely enough received an F grade from the NRA. Do you suppose that means he hasn't gotten any money from them? Or maybe he's just voting in accordance with his constituents.


  3. I think you may be on to something Sarge. Who the hell cares about gun control? It's a non-issue. Much like homosexuality. Something that was apparent to my father in 1949.

    If only we could elect Sanders. T'would be a blessing to us all. A sane president. A non-republican president. Dare to dream. Let's do it. I just had a dream come true this week. All I had to do was wait nine years, do some legwork and take a leap of faith with a little bit of help from my friends.

    Dems, repubs and our goofy independent brothers and sisters. Let's defeat Hillary for real without destroying life on earth as we all know and love it.