Thursday, May 7, 2015

More Open Carry Idiocy

Link provided by Flying Junior with the following remarks: You probably don't have too much time for amateur videos.  But check out this sarcastic open carry guy giving the cops a hard time for questioning him.  Won't give his name.  Argues with direct orders from the police.  Keeps harping about the constitution and not breaking any laws.  There is a part two where he gives his play-by-play rundown of his ordeal in police custody before his wife pays his bail.  You would think that he set this up on purpose, having nothing better to do after failing out of the USAF.  Does not look old enough to drink a beer.  Had his phone recording everything.  Stonewalling the cops just trying to do their jobs.  In part two, he actually recounts telling the officer driving him to jail that he shouldn't drive while talking on a cellphone.  Begs for contributions to his legal defense fund.  Charged with displaying a weapon and trespass.  Pled not guilty.  This is the face of the NRA.  It's not the face of the United States military.  This guy is a down and out.


  1. Mack is also a big fan of Charles Dyer.

  2. To me it simply illustrates how anti-social and futile open carry really is. I know there is a movement to try to make it just acceptable, normal behavior, but that's never going to happen anywhere in the U.S.A. It will always be viewed with suspicion and fear. And rightly so. This guy had no reason to be carrying other than to make some kind of a point.

    As to why this fellow chose to be so "in-your-face" with the cops and basically ask to be arrested is anybody's guess. We can assume he had some agenda where he wanted to become a public profile associated with undeserved open carry persecution. Total loser. It's too bad he couldn't cut it in the Air Force. He would be a much happier man today.