Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tax Fraud Conviction Costs Gun Rights Advocate his Firearms

Tax fraud conviction costs gun rights advocate his firearms
 Nazir Al-Mujaahid

Picayune Post

A Milwaukee man who briefly became the face of the nascent concealed carry movement right after he shot an armed robber at grocery retailer in 2012 now has a week to get rid of all his guns.
That's since on Friday, Nazir Al-Mujaahid was discovered guilty of tax fraud, and the felony convictions make it illegal for him to possess a firearm, a consequence his attorney known as "an exceptionally serious punishment" since of his situations.

Susan Roth mentioned her client has been threatened and confronted by relatives of the robber he shot and has ongoing issues for his safety. He plans to appeal Friday's conviction.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Timothy Witkowiak, who presided more than the non-jury trial final month, stated he discovered the testimony of 3 law enforcement agents who stated Al-Mujaahid had admitted to filing false returns extra credible than the defendant's denials. He also noted that a lot other circumstantial proof, like computer records, tied Al-Mujaahid to the fraudulent tax returns.


  1. Who the hell wrote that article? Parts of it are nearly incomprehensible. It's almost as if it were written in a foreign language, than translated to English with Google Translate or something.

    Anyway, a dark-skinned guy with a name that sounds Islamic being forcibly disarmed for the non-violent "crime" of trying not to give the government as much of his money as it demands--how astonishing.

    1. It's almost as if it were written in a foreign language, than translated . . .

      Well, that's embarrassing--criticizing the grammar of the article with a sentence that heinously misuses "than," instead of "then."


  2. And what crime was he hiding? One of those you agree he shouldn't lose his rights over.

    1. True.

      What I forgot to do is tag this "hypocrisy." You guys love to point out similar crimes among the Bloomberg Mayors, but in this case the poor persecuted gun owner is the victim.

    2. Those mayors are the ones who think people should lose their rights for crimes like this. There's no hypocrisy in demanding that they live up to their standards.

      There's also no hypocrisy in having the position that people who commit certain crimes shouldn't lose their gun rights, but should lose the trust of the public.

    3. Bullshit. You scream about the mayors and keep silent when your side does the same thing.