Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tennessee Gun Owner Drops Gun in Church and Shoots His Own Mother

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  1. Well... Surely no further punishment is necessary. This dedicated public servant has certainly learned his lesson. Hasn't he suffered enough? I mean, what could possibly be more humiliating than shooting your Mom? Oh, I forgot. These losers with their constantly loaded weapons shoot or cause to be shot their own children on an almost weekly basis. Sometimes it's their neighbors or their children. Oops! Sorry. My bad.

    Maybe someday there will be as many white people shot accidentally as there are black people shot by enforcement. Interesting race against time. More guns. More fun. Awesome. Win-Win!

    1. FJ what does white or black have to do with this post?

    2. I'm sorry George. I didn't mean to stir up any unnecessary controversy. I just think it's a bit ironic that almost as many white people are accidentally shooting themselves as are black people being shot by police, security or vigilantes. I guess statistics are a fairly dead heat as far as idiots who like to play with their guns and show them off to friends, particularly while intoxicated. But it seems that the average dumbfuck who shoots themselves in the bathroom is typically white.

      On the one hand we have a deeply entrenched social problem that dates back five hundred years. Nobody seems to have any idea about what should be even the first step to solve this national tragedy. The president calls upon us to search our souls. OTOH, we have stupid people killing, maiming and injuring themselves for absolutely no reason whatsoever. They treat guns like a type of food or a popular song. They clip on their guns like putting on socks.

      How about this? Try to think of a couple of things that you can do without leaving the house with a loaded weapon. Church? School? Saturday in the park? This dumb bastard shot his mom at a wedding. Don't you get how that's not normal? The Tennessee people interviewed on the TV News seem to act like it's a perfectly natural mistake.

      Here is the source of my rant.

      Of the 739 justified shootings recorded in 2012 by the SPLC, three hundred and thirteen of them were black. 44% of them or 136, were unarmed. That's one black person being shot by enforcement more than six days out of every week.