Tuesday, March 22, 2011

11-year-old Arrested

CBS New York reports.

An 11-year-old boy was arrested on charges of bringing a loaded gun to school on Friday.

Police told the New York Post that the boy arrived at Public School 140 in the Jamaica, Queens and bragged to a friend that he had a pistol in his book bag.

The police said the friend told a school safety officer, and the officer checked the boy’s bag and found a loaded Glock 9mm semiautomatic gun.

The boy was arrested on charges of criminal possession of a weapon. His name was not released because of his age.
As Eminem said, "where were the parents at?"  I say the whole family should be immediately arrested for child abuse. If it turns out the kid was an extremely prococious gang member, then the famlily can be exonerated.  If the gun came from dad or big brother, they take the weight.

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  1. "I say the whole family should be immediately arrested for child abuse"

    Even without any evidence that they are responsible?


    Why don't you add "Off with their heads" and call for their summary execution? Since you (in your own deluded mind) are king, why not just kill these serfs to set an example to the other peasants you own?

    Oh, wait, I know why - it's because you are not king, you are just a pathetic loser who desperately needs to cling to his delusions of power in order to overcome his woefully inadequacy as a human being.

  2. Maybe the kid could benefit from Outward Bound or something like that. But not one of those sadistic, for-profit internment camps for bad kids that have proliferated in places like Arizona. It will take a big effort to save this brat. But if I was his father, I would gladly take it on. It could only help to have a local church and clergy become involved. Prayer doesn't hurt either. Hopefully the kid doesn't have substance abuse or psychological issues.

    Or if they're poor, there will be no fancy lawyer and he'll just go to juvie and hope for the best.

  3. Of course, the family should be arrested for child abuse.

    When you put a child at risk, that's the textbook definition of abuse.

  4. Poor parenting putting a child at risk.

    Proper parenting wouldn't have this child join a gang.

    Seems the parents are responsible anyway you slice it.

  5. I think there is a limit to what we can blame on parents, without better information on any specific instance.

    I know parents who do everything right, and where their other kids do well, but one kid just doesn't respond. Sometimes it is just the kid making rebellious choices no matter what anyone does.

    We don't know which this is, at least not so far.

    In the U.S., the Republicans are gutting the funding for a number of programs which have been effective in combatting gang expansion / membership.

  6. Here's why you're wrong, dg.

    What gunloons assiduously wish to avoid is the fact that when you own a gun, you are a gunowner 24/7/365. You're responsible for that gun as long as you own it. You don't get to take a vacation from your gun, it's your responsibility all the time.

    On the same tack, if you have a kid, you're a parent all the time. You don't get a timeout or holiday from being a parent.

    It's a pretty simple concept: you want a gun or a kid, you also own the responsibility that comes with.

  7. " You're responsible for that gun as long as you own it. You don't get to take a vacation from your gun, it's your responsibility all the time."

    So I asssume you advocate for people to have the right to have that gun on them personally at all times so that they can exercise their responsibility for their gun.

  8. Jim: Of course not. Do you believe parents are required to carry their children around all the time? In fact, there are places where it would be inappropriate for me to bring my kids. But that doesn't mean I'm not responsible for them.

    I thought it was a simple enough concept but clearly gunloons have difficulty with even the most basic and simple concepts.

  9. Jade - yes you are responsible for your children unless another adult is responsible for them when you are not there. So say you drop your kid off at school. Are you responsible for the kid if the school loses track of who is on campus and someone kidnaps your child? Was that your fault that you did not protect your child at all times?

    The same could be said for your guns. If you are not going to let someone carry their gun with them at all times, then they can't be responsible if someone else breaks into their house and steals the weapon.

    Now I don't know how this particular child got possession of the weapon, so the parent/adult owner of the gun may or may not be responsible for the kid having it.

  10. According to the pertinent FAQ from this group of New York lawyers, there are no child access prevention laws across the state. Queens is one of the five boroughs and should fall under the jurisdiction of tougher laws for New York City. Still, child protective services, law enforcement and the courts must surely have some recourse within existing law concerning negligence or child endangerment.

    Does New York Have a Child Access Prevention Law?
    No, they don't. Gun owners are not held accountable for leaving guns accessible to children as they are in many other states. But child-safety locks have to be sold with guns.

  11. Dog Gone sheds the soft light of reason on my extreme response.

    So how's this? Let's DETAIN the entire family until it can be determined whose gun it was and exactly how much at fault they were.

    The first Anonymous commenter is quite a character isn't he? I would remind him the title I proudly bear, along with much responsibility, of "king," was handed to me by one of the other antagonistic commenters. The fact that Anonymous says, apparrently in anger and seriousness, "I know why - it's because you are not king," is absolutely hysterical in that speechless, head-shaking kinda way.

    You, my friend, sound like just the type who should be armed [/sarcasm].