Monday, March 21, 2011

Another War

On That Mr. G Guy's Blog there's a post up entitled Obama's War.

After quoting from the UN Resolution giving the good countries permission to attack one of the bad countries, which everyone knows is a thinly disguised charade to pretend the US is not behind all this world policing, Mike (Mr. G Guy) had this to say.

That is the ultimate irony…that Obama who was sooo against the “Bush wars” would turn around and involve the US military in another war without even asking the Congress for approval. Obama wears his hypocrisy like a General wears his combat ribbons.
I'm in total agreement with that, after having been an Obama supporter and defender long enough. That period of my life ended when he announced an escalation of the Afghanistan action in the West Point speech a year or so ago.

The only thing I might question is the use of the word "hypocrisy." I'm not sure that's exactly right, I was thinking more like, "behaviour spineless, wishy-washy, political lackey who does what the hell he's told," as George so clearly explained.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Of course, the real hypocrisy is that Mr. G Guy would dearly love to replace Obama with yet another conservative who would happily enter into all kinds of wars to show how 'tough' he is.

    There's always something unseemly about conservatives who are upset when Obama does something they'd applaud a conservative (and white) President for doing.

  2. Do you think Bush and Cheyney are sitting back laughing??

    Gitmo, still there.
    Iraq, still there.
    Afghanistan, still there.

  3. The way I see it, Bush is probably taking all of the credit for democracy spreading in the Middle East. Sort of the dominoes standing back up again. Big fat "Told ya so!"

  4. Jade, you're making the mistake of thinking Bush was a Conservative...He wasn't. My philosophy on war is to avoid it if you can, but if war does become necessary to go in to win, then leave. You were stupid enough to screw with us, you're going to have to take and pay the consequences.

    And Jade, I'd take Joe Biden over Obama. Ol' Joe might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least he's got a pair.

    Also, thanks for the link Mike B.


  5. Bush was not a conservative?

    Whatever he was, I think Dannytheman is right, Bush and Cheney have got to be laughing.