Monday, March 21, 2011

Interesting Health Statistics from Kaiser health news web site

I came across this site online from Kaiser while researching a quite different topic for a penigma post, and thought it would be appropriate here.  I was researching how red states compare with blue states for effectiveness of political ideology as measured by various statistics in comparison, like crime and population in prison.

This is an interactive map, by clicking on state you can see that state's gun death statistic.  It is worth noting that the highest rates for gun deaths are among the red states, but not all of them - for example South Dakota and Nebraska are also among the lowest gun death states. 

In that red state blue state series, one of my commenters suggested there was greater freedom in higher gun ownership.  I argued back that there is no great freedom - or safety - in putting greater numbers of people behind bars, or in being dead from a shooting.

Check out your state!


  1. I do not know Kaiser, but I do know the FBI.
    Sorting FBI data by violent crime rate uncovers some interesting results. The seven least violent states are all shall-issue right-to-carry (RTC). Of the seven most violent states, three are non-RTC (includes D.C.) Since about 75% of all states are RTC, 43% of the worst being non-RTC makes these states over-represented at the unpleasant end. The five states with the lowest murder rate are RTC, but two of the five worst are non-RTC. The eleven states with the lowest robbery rate are RTC, but of the eleven worst, 5 are non-RTC. Nine of 10 states with the lowest assault rates are RTC, while 3 of 10 with the highest rates are non-RTC. The only exception is in rates of rape, where three of the 10 lowest are non-RTC, while only one non-RTC state is in the 10 worst.

    Overall, non-RTC states average 27.8% higher violent crime rates, most notably 43.8% higher murder and 85% higher robbery rates, than RTC states. (See Table 4) The exception is rape: non-RTC states averaged 21.1% lower rates, reversing a 9-year trend where 10 states with RTC laws enacted during 1995-1996 saw their rates of rape drop faster than non-RTC states.

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