Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Police Shoot Unarmed Man on Video

via The Truth About Guns where Brad opened up with this incredible sentence. "Never mind whether or not the officer in question was justified in shooting the perp." He goes on to talk about whether the shooting was offensive or defensive, which I couldn't quite distinguish from justified or not.

To me it's manslaughter, pure and simple.


  1. Good for her, dumb-ass gets out of the car acting hostile and erratic reaches for something, deserves to get shot, I would never convict her.....

  2. "To me it's manslaughter, pure and simple."

    You did hear the part where the criminal was treated for his injuries and then charged with the assault on his wife right? Hard to be manslaughter when she did not kill the criminal.

    Now next time when the police are chasing him after he commits another crime maybe he will think twice about what he will do when they say "put your hands up."

  3. "To me it's manslaughter, pure and simple."

    This is the moronic attitude of the gun grabbing Nazi's smear gunowners with the murder brush without getting the facts.....

  4. Sorry, I missed that part about his only having been injured.

    So, her charges should be unnecessary shooting of an unarmed man, criminal assault, assault with a deadly weapon and hysterically screaming immediately after the shooting.