Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why We Need Gun-Owner Licensing and Gun Registration

The way it is now, when the police need to investigate a crime, they need to pussy-foot around the gun dealers. They need to be very careful how they express their REQUEST. And naturally, cooperation is not forthcoming.

The Seattle Times has the story.

Three dozen legislators are taking the State Patrol to task for sending a letter to gun dealers that they fear is an unconstitutional "fishing expedition."

The Patrol, which is searching for one of its semiautomatic rifles that might have been stolen, concedes the letter from an investigator "was not as well worded as it should be," Patrol spokesman Bob Calkins said. "We touched a nerve we had no intention of touching."

A new letter is going out to gun dealers stressing that any information they might provide is voluntary, Calkins said.
What's your opinion? Wouldn't it be faster and better and easier if the police already had this information? Well, you know why they don't right?

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  1. The police are looking for one single AR-15 that they already have the serial number and description of. They then ask dealers to send them all information and serial numbers about all AR-15s that they have ever sold, bought or transfered and wonder why there is resistance.

    Gun owner licensing and registration would not solve their case of a stolen gun. Get real.

  2. All legit gun dealers are very helpful to legit police anti crime work. This is not legit. All the police had to do was ask the right question.

  3. The gun they are looking for is already registered to it's licensed owner (the State Patrol).

    If they can't solve a crime involving a gun they already have registered and licensed to themselves, what makes you think registering and licensing millions of other guns and owners will help them solve any other crime.

  4. You lost me a little bit there, AztecRed.

    The registering and licensing ideas that I hold near and dear will do more to PREVENT crimes rather than solve them.