Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aurora, Colorado's Finest

The Denver Post reports.

For the fourth time this year, and the third time in less than a week, Aurora police late Sunday night shot and killed a suspect — an unprecedented string that has left several officers injured and many more on edge.

Police responding to a possible theft in progress found three men in the lot, Carlson said. The suspects got in a truck and tried to drive off.

Investigators still are piecing together a sequence of events and attempting to determine who shot whom, Carlson said. Police also are investigating whether the driver drove at an officer and hit him with the truck.

Two of the men in the truck were hit by bullets. One died at a local hospital. The second is being treated at a hospital. The third man is being treated for injuries believed to have been sustained in a post-shooting crash.
I guess it's a natural response to the increase in policemen killed in the line of duty, but the Aurora cops still have a ways to go before they take the crown from some of their counterparts accross the country.

What's your opinion?  Are policemen adequately trained to handle the danger and stress of their increasingly dangerous job?

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