Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Acting Out the Fantasy

"This series take us inside Ted's head as he trains competitors to survive in the wilderness, creates challenges to test their abilities and mentally pushes them to their breaking points," said Bob Kusbit, head of development for CMT. "It's a game of cat-and-mouse that showcases the strategy and skill of outdoor survival, as only Ted can do."
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  1. Will he be showing them how to do the Whang Dang Poontang thang in the outdoors?

    Maybe he can have Sarah The Impalinator on his show and they can accidentally shoot each other--that I would PAY to watch.

  2. Exactly.

    So, let's get this straight--Ted Nugent, who dodged the draft by soiling himself and acting like a crazy, is qualified as a hunter of humans?

    Of course, he is chasing down a 70 year old man so it's entirely possible Teddy and the hunted septuagenarian will fail to find each other, become lost and die of natural causes.