Saturday, March 26, 2011

Senator Klein of Arizona

Arizona continues to maintain the crown.

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  1. They are slitting their own political throat.

    What a stupid letter, stupid because it is also WRONG.

    I would hope every school district in the state would identify the supposed substitute teacher who wrote it, and discontinue use of their services, immediately and permanently.

    As is so often the case with such egregious statements......I wonder if Senator Klein bothered to verify that this is a real person, or if they are in fact or ever were, a teacher of any kind.

    It seems very much on a par with Governor Jan Brewer's much repeated comments about decapitated bodies in the desert relating to illegal immigration that she failed to identify for a very long time as a hoax.

    The right loves sensational news; facts and information, those they are consistently and persistently light on loving, or using.

    They like to quote Reagan's "trust but verify" line but they only give it lip service, they don't follow it with any action.

  2. If she's an Arizona republican, sadly, it's pretty much anything goes right now. This is the kind of intense hate-filled rhetoric that infuriates me. It's unconscionable that a sitting Arizona politician could say something so horrible and untrue. Megyn is a sly one. She doesn't come off as overtly reactionary as the male anchors. She even frames her thesis from a tenable position. But with FOX Facts blogging in the background, it becomes increasingly apparent that they brought senator Klein on to give her a soapbox. All summed up in the final smug conclusion. "No apology forthcoming!" What a hideous media organization.

  3. Flying Junior, I thought Megyn was pretty tough on the Senator, which surprised me because I have the lowest opinion of Fox.

    I agree with your remark about Arizona. They are the indisputable leaders in Republican wretchedness, with.

  4. Megyn is probably the most honorable or likable personality on the network. But she knows who she is working for.