Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unarmed Hero

via Norwegianity from Nick Coleman's The State We're In

Mohamed Sawky is 39 and a U.S. Army veteran who is studying for a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership at St. Catherine’s University, with a concentration in Dispute Resolution. As the thief shouted at him to get out of the way, Mohamed resolved to end this particular dispute right here, right now. “No,” he told the guy. The guy then shoved Mohamed and sprinted for the door. Mohamed turned and sprinted after him. He nabbed him on the sidewalk, holding on and ducking as the thief tossed wild punches at him, landing a couple of hard ones before Mohamed wrestled him down on the sidewalk. It wasn’t easy.
Lucky for this thief, and the rest of the Starbucks customers, that no armed men were in there. That would have made things worse, don't you think?

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  1. Having a gun would have meant that the little woman behind the counter could have stopped this issue. what are the percentages of trained military folks out in public? Less then 5% I'd say.

    This is one of your weakest arguments I have seen you post. I'm starting to think we are winning you over. :)

  2. Mikeb30200:

    Dannythegunzman is right. The little lady behind the counter with a gun coulda shot that perp whose drinking a cuppa coffee in that picture. Oh, he's the hero? but, but, he's BROWN and a mooooooooooooooslim. I know which one I'd shoot!