Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eddie Izzard on the Laughing Stock - America


  1. America a laughing stock? Really? And you show a retard in his pajamas and wearing more makeup than a Philadelphia hooker to prove it?

  2. Izzard is a hoot! The point he makes lays bare the ridiculous positions held by the NRA and ilk.

  3. To be fair, this was recorded at a performance in San Francisco, on his Dressed to Kill DVD; Izzard is hilarious in everything he does, and consistently sells out on his tours.

    He doesn't always dress like this, although he is an admitted transvestite.

    And yes, Izzard pegs it; to the 'ROW' (Rest of the World), a phrase Izzard used in an interview ages ago with Jay Leno, we seem insane for our gun laws and assumptions about weapons.

    His riff from the same performance on flags is even funnier, a true classic piece.

  4. Do hookers in Philadelphia wear unusually large quantities of makeup for what they do?

    I have to admit the only times I have been in PA, I was more interested in the sights like the Liberty Bell, and less interested in the local 'Belles de Jour'...

  5. I saw one of Izzards one man shows back in the 90's at Westbeth in NYC. If what Anonymous said is true, and you know, you can always trust an Anonymous, the hookers in Philly must be uglier than the trannies in the East Village!

    Mike, I have the esteeemed honour of informing you that you have been chosen to be one of the recipients of the PSYCHO CARNIVAL AWARD FOR ORIGINALITY.
    I was awarded it and told that I had to give it to three other people before the golden processed cheese coating melted off.
    Please stop by thebrainpolice at your leisure for the ceremony, unfortunately, there is no check.

  6. Microdot, Thanks for the compliment.