Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Well Regulated Militia

via Norwegianity and dedicated to Schaeffer


  1. My thoughts exactly. Where is the source for this?

  2. Oh, right, via Norwegianity. I think I'll use that cartoon in my next blog post, too.

  3. It is pretty cute, sort of the reverse of that old pro-gun joke about the definition gun control.

  4. Wow, so I guess the Founding Fathers belonged in prison? And now anyone who exercises their rights also belongs in prison?

    Any other groups of people you long to see put into concentration camps?

  5. Liberal propaganda again.

  6. Liberal propaganda? Nah, more like the gunloonz' burning stoopit.

    This is the group that was gonna take down the AK law enforcement and judiciary agencies. These clowns put me in mind of Hans Gruber from "Die Hard" where Bonnie Bedelia calls him what he is, a thief. It appears that one of the major gripes of the Vernon's is that them evil gummint types are gonna steal their house
    'cuz they won't pay illegal taxes. Fucking traitors and thieves.

  7. That's right, democommie. The guys who should be behind bars are traitors calling themselves patriots. What we're saying is a far cry from what Anonymous said: "anyone who exercises their rights also belongs in prison."

    I'll bet we know that Anonymous by another name. He's utilizing one of the favorite pro-gun figures of speech. Exaggerate what your opponent says and then argue against it as if he really said it.

    But, we're hip to that bullshit around here. No wonder he hides behind anonymity.

  8. Demmocommie nutjob. It's liberal propaganda. Just like the effluent spewing for from hour mouth

    You do understand the militia is acknowledged in the Constitution? Not granted or created but acknowledged as a preexisting right. Or were you out of class that day smoking your weed?

    Yup. There are a few whack jobs who hide behind the cover of traitor but the real militia is true to the Constitution and are the real patriots.

    The liberal of today is running scared and uses attack journalism to try and bolster their fundamentally flawed intellectual position by twisting facts and trying to slander that which they don't understand.

    Today's liberal seized upon this idea of intellectual superiority except they discovered that in doing so they have become anti intellectual.

    Your post confirms this by refusing to discuss ideas as they are. Twist, ridicule, and exaggerate are the code words of the defeated liberal experiment.

    Conservatives try very hard to argue based on fact, history and logic. Liberals argue based on fears, feelings and fantasy.

    Your logic again is more than just suspect, it's missing.