Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heeerrrrr's Wayne


  1. Great video, thanks for the link, Its is a shame that you can't post any gun control nuts that speak to the point as well as WL......

  2. From the USA Today!!

    "Given its political and financial strength, the NRA is probably in a position to block any new gun legislation, especially in the Republican-run House."

  3. Soto-My ear? Is that supposed to rhyme with Golda Meir?

    I have no idear!

    So Obama's supreme court picks aren't quite up to snuff in LaPierre's opinion? Reclining minds want to know!

  4. Wayne LaPierre is laughing all the way to the bank. He peddles fear and bigotry for 7 figures, what's not for him to like about that?

    Of course the major reason that Weenie has his bully pulpit and those who have reasonable concerns about the arming of the entire population is that people who don't make millions off the non-selling of highly profitable fetish items haven't got tons of cash to fund blabbermouths like LaPutrid.

  5. democommie, That's the best encapsulation of the situation I've read.

    Not selling guns doesn't generate enough money to buy figurheads like La Pierre and scores of politicians to vote the right way.