Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NRA Gunloon Fantasizes about Shooting Brown People

From helicopters:
This striking achievement came about this week during a meeting of the state House Appropriations Committee on efforts in Kansas to shoot feral swine from helicopters. Republican state Rep. Virgil Peck suddenly had an idea. “Looks like shooting these immigrating feral hogs works,” he commented, according to a recording posted by the Lawrence Journal-World. “Maybe we have found a [solution] to our illegal immigration problem.”

Kansas?  Hullo? Can we talk?

There's a reason why employers don't locate in your state.  There's a reason why your state universities and colleges wouldn't qualify as community colleges in other states.  It's because of retards like Virgil Peck and the fact you want to teeach creationism in schools.  As a result, you lower our national IQ.


  1. Even if one was bigoted/small/vile enough to have this as a thought, it always amazes me they have the stupidity to say it.
    Old saying comes to mind; "Never miss a chance to just shut up"

  2. Kansas actually has some fine schools, a lot of wonderful people and, well, no purple mountains majesty but lotsa very pretty flatness.

    This guy, Peck, sounds like a first class douchebag and I'm guessing he's a big proponent of uparming the populace. He is endorsed by the NRA, here:

    but I'm sure that he was JUST JOKING about shootin' him someathem illegal alyuns.

    I would have loved to listen in on the conversation he had with Governor Sam Bareback; it must have gone something like this:

    Peckerhead: "Oh, hi, Governor; that was pretty funny don't you thi--"

    Brokeback: "Apologize, NOW, you fucking moron! It's idiots like you that let the sane people know what we're really thinking!"

  3. Inappropriate comment, agreed! BUT he never said brown!! So with that YOU are reaching. I know many illegals that are white also! Irish count is high in my area.

  4. C'mon, Dannytheman, when people talk about illegal aliens, there's only one color and it's not black or white.

    The thing about these politicians is, and I mean from Obama on down, you can never be too sure of their sincerity when they say things. As a group, only lawyers come close to politicians in the lying department. Gun rights folks come a distant third.

  5. Mikeb30200:

    They don't talk about the black, except in FL where they make an exception for Haitians. And they don't talk about the brown too much in FL, 'cuz ya never know which ones are cubans and it wouldn't do to piss them off.

  6. The funny thing is that if Kansas were to make all illegal immigrants disappear in the state, their farming industry would also disappear.

  7. One of my all time favorite fraud fighters, Bill Black, is a professor in Kansas. I think he is one of the smartest men on the planet.

    I wish I could point a finger at this guy and say - Hah! bad state, but I have to remind myself that we have Michele Bachmann, who makes speeches where she thinks Lexington and Concord, the 'shot heard round the world', took place in New Hampshire not Mass.

    While I deeply regret that she is the product at least in part of a Minnesota public school education, I can take heart that some of her education was in OK, and that she was born in Iowa......... a very small consolation. She is elected here - although hallelujah! her district is getting smaller thanks to the last census.

    This man is more of a swine than the feral ones he wants to shoot from airplanes.

  8. One question Mike - do we know that this guy belongs to the NRA?

    I didn't see it mentioned in the linked article; he may be a 'get off our side' character even they might, wait. Probably not. Look who else they accept and even endorse.....

  9. Dog Gone, That's a good question about this guy's NRA affiliation. My co-blogger has a sixth sense about these things. When Jadegold says it, I believe it.

  10. dog gone said...

    "I wish I could point a finger at this guy and say - Hah! bad state, but I have to remind myself that we have Michele Bachmann, who makes speeches where she thinks Lexington and Concord, the 'shot heard round the world"

    Meanwhile the entire country has a jug-eared moron that thinks that there are 57 states and golfs while other countries murder their own.....

    Don't we all have our crosses to bear....