Monday, March 14, 2011

Murder - Suicide in Ohio

Usually guns are bad news for women, but every once in a while guns are bad news for the new boyfriend.

The Columbus Dispatch reports.

Police say a gunman fatally shot a man in a truck outside a Frisch's Big Boy restaurant in Middletown and then killed himself.

Lt. Rodney Muterspaw said the shooter used his car to block the truck and then fired several shots at the other man, who was waiting for a woman to come out of the restaurant yesterday afternoon.

Muterspaw said relatives told police that the woman is the shooter's ex-wife and was dating the man in the truck. She works at the restaurant and was unhurt.
What's your opinion? Does that count as a domestic shooting? Do you think the angry young man who did the shooting was a law abiding citizen up until yesterday, or was he an already disqualified criminal? Either way, it would have been better if guns weren't available to him, right? In hindsight, can we agree on that at least?

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  1. The sick, twisted, evil, "Guns are bad news for women" lie exposed:

    A man barged into her home, attacking her and beating her fiance. Adrenaline pumping, she fetched the gun from her bedroom. She trained it on the man, following his movements as he tussled with her fiance.

    She saw an opening. She pulled the trigger. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

    Albert F. Hill, 42, never got up.

    Oh, by the way, the same incident also shows us the sick, twisted, evil mendacity of the, "Unless a person lives in a particularly bad area, or unless his work makes him a target for violence, he does not need a gun," lie:

    Brown lives with her fiance, 43-year-old Bobby Planthaber, in a 2,732-square-foot Tierra Verde home. Next to the home's front door is a plaque that reads "Phat City." Surveillance cameras cover the home, inside and out.

    Through the front door, visitors go up a few steps into the main room. A cockatoo named Bella greets with a "hello."

    It's tiled, high-ceilinged. Inside are three flat-screen TVs clustered along a wall, leather furniture, and crystal-clear fish tanks.

    Tierra Verde is not what is generally thought of as "a particularly bad area."

  2. Zorroy, That's a great example. And from it you extrapolate what exactly?

    Meteorites, man. That's what you need to be prepared for.