Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guns in Bars - North Carolina Style

The Daily Reflector reports.

A physical altercation at a downtown nightclub led to the shooting of three people in a parking lot early Sunday morning, a Greenville Police Department spokesman said.

“The altercation started in the Phoenix, from there was an altercation that occurred outside,” Sgt. Carlton Williams said. “Ultimately shots were fired.”
Guns in bars are nothing but bad news. What do you think?

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  1. Yep. Alcohol + guns = death. Any idiot can figure that out.

    To suggest legislation to make guns legal in bars, as is being proposed in some states, is foolish and deadly.

  2. Was the gun ever in the bar? The story says the shooting occured outside the bar. I fail to see how outlawing guns in bars would do anything to prevent this shooting.

  3. And yet it's been legal in my state for decades without any issues.....

  4. @Baldr, it's already legal here in Oregon, I haven't seen any blood running in the streets and parking logs surrounding bars, have you?

  5. It's legal here to bring your firearms into bars, which is good as it allows the designated driver to be the designated gunner. The drinkers imbibe all the poison they want, I carry all the hardware I want.

  6. Yeah, you guys always say there's no issue, except when there is. Then when we force you to see the issues, you say but there are 80 million gun owners, divide by 80 million and it's nothing.

    I know how we could cut down on concealed carry. One simple question. Is allowing guns in bars a bad thing? Gun owners, being one of the most stubborn and close-minded groups on god's green Earth, will not be able to bring themselves to answer correctly even knowing the answer is required to get the license.

    The answer is YES, guns in bars is a bad thing.

  7. Guns in bars are fine.

    We only get SOME of the story here. Maybe someone was defending himself, maybe he was being robbed, maybe, maybe, maybe!

    Maybe they were all criminals with long records that should not have had a gun, or have been in a bar. The story is incomplete as usual!