Monday, March 14, 2011

Lies of Gunloons: Campus Edition

So, gunloons want guns on college campuses.

So much so, they have to lie.  Here's a gunloon Texas State Senator named Jeff Wentworth claiming on MSNBC's Hardball that public universities in Texas not only do not have bars on campus but they are actually illegal.

MATTHEWS: No, but a campus - you said, but you said campuses would be allowed to have kids carrying guns. What about a bar on campus?
WENTWORTH: We don't have bars on campus in Texas.
MATTHEWS: You don't?!
WENTWORTH: It's against, it's against the law in Texas. That's exactly right.
WENTWORTH: Yes, sir. No alcohol allowed-
MATTHEWS: You can't have a bar - on private college campuses you can't have a bar?
WENTWORTH: No you, now you flipped it. We're talking about public-
MATTHEWS: Well I didn't flip it. I'm...
WENTWORTH: We're talking about public universities. We're not talking about private universities. MATTHEWS: Okay. Okay, where I went to college and a lot of colleges I know they have campus bars. They have them right on campus. WENTWORTH: Well they don't in Texas, they don't in Texas.
Well, the University of Texas seems to have a bar.  And it seems it features a full bar.



  1. I don't care if people with guns are in bars. I carry my gun in bars all the time! I have done so for over 30 years. His answer should have been, "People with a license should always follow what the State law requires."

    That would have been my answer, no difference on campus, off campus, follow State law!