Monday, March 14, 2011

2,405 Shot Dead...And Counting

"Since the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, the number of Americans killed by guns has not let up."

Put in perspective, since the shooting of Rep. Giffords, there has been the equivalent of one 9/11.


  1. That's 0.000801666667% of the population. The horror. Before you know it, Americans will be extinct.

  2. Please extract for me, police shootings, suicides and gang/drug related shootings. Then tell me what you have left.

  3. Danny, you are actually suggesting that law enforcement shootings, suicides, and gang/drug related shootings shouldn't be counted?? As if they don't contribute to gun violence? Give me a break.

    Law enforcement rarely shoot to kill unless the offender has a gun. We want to reduce availability to those criminals.

    The number one most common and most deadly means of suicide is by firearms. Action must be taken to reduce availability of firearms to mentally-ill individuals.

    Gangbangers/druggies get their guns either legally, due to having no background check in private sales or in gun shows, or through the black market. Requiring stricter background checks and gun registration would greatly reduce these means.

    So give me a break with your no-sympathy-for-the-dead exclusions. Gun violence is gun violence.

  4. Most people don't care when a gun is used to kill a bad guy. Like in police shootings, and gang killings.

    I worry about what I worry about. I believe the suicides would happen anyway! I believe in not counting bad guys dead. I would only count when bad guys kill good guys. But hey, that's me.

  5. But Danny, that's too convenient. A bullet to the brain or a shotgun in the mouth is almost guaranteed to work, while slashing the wrist or taking pills is not. Then the failed suicide says, thank god I didn't kill myself over that temporary problem. I'll never do that again.

    About the good guys vs. the bad guys, who's to judge? Who can really know who's who?

    Like Baldr said, fewer guns in the hands of criminals will result in fewer of them being killed by the police. Some of them will have the chance to turn their lives around. Shouldn't everyone have a shot at that?