Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Most Awesomest Power of the NRA

So, domestic terrorist Wayne Lapierre says domestic terrorist group NRA won't meet with President Obama because...the President  "[has] spent their life fighting the Second Amendment?”

Wow.  Guess this means President Obama is toast in 2012, huh?  After all, the NRA has, like, 823 gazillion members who vote exactly the way the domestic terrorist group NRA wants them to.


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  1. Again we agree. Weak choices for Repub POTUS. BUT it ain't all about the POTUS is it? What if the repub house grows, and repubs take control of the currently demoncrat controlled Senate?
    We might be better letting a weak POTUS stay, huh?

    "The President has indeed lost control of Congress on the gun issue. He lost control after the 2010 midterm elections, where 22 million NRA members and supporters (according to a recent Zogby poll) turned out to vote against any candidate remotely affiliated with President Obama and his anti-gun ideology.

    When the dust cleared on November 2 last year, 11 new Senators were A-rated by NRA on Second Amendment issues, one was B-rated, and eight F and D-rated Senators were either defeated, retired or resigned in 2010. The 112th Congress contains 48 A-rated Senators, three B-rated, and just 32 F-rated Senators, 14 of whom are up for reelection next year.

    On the House side, we helped elect 227 NRA-endorsed Representatives. In the 112th Congress, 85 newly elected House members were A-rated by NRA on Second Amendment issues, and 10 F and D-rated congressmen were defeated by voters. In all but one race where an NRA endorsed candidate lost, a pro-gun challenger replaced him."
    Facts by Chris Cox.