Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chattanooga Youth Dies in Gun "Accident"

It's just about the same story we read every day. In this case the negligent kid was 18.  And unlike the typical story of a younger shooter, this article was quite forthcoming about where the gun came from.

The gun used to kill 18-year-old Myles Compton is owned by the father of his best friend.

“He [Jerry Driscoll] maintains those weapons. They are typically unloaded, locked and kept up,” said Lee Davis, a criminal defense attorney who is representing the Driscoll family.

Jerry and Patricia Driscoll weren’t there Thursday night when about six young adults gathered at their home at 9125 Stoney Mountain Drive.
What stands out for me is that when the teenager took out one of the guns and started playing with it, it was already loaded. That would make the family lawyer guilty of lying and covering up a crime.  It would, if only Tennessee had sensible laws about proper home storage and security of weapons, which I seriously doubt.

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  1. 18 and a kid?

    Vote, register for Selective Service to fight with a gun for your country, able to make binding contracts, got to adult jail, but a KID in this variation of the story!

  2. Dannytheman, Anyone with graying hair around the temples and goatee can call an 18-year-old a kid. You should know this.