Friday, March 18, 2011

International Ammunition Smuggler Arrested in India

A ruthless arms smuggler who poses as a Minnesota business man was arrested in India before he could cause any more suffering.

A Twin Cities CEO for a multibillion-dollar medical technology company was arrested at an airport in India with a live gun cartridge in his pants pocket as he was about to board a charter flight, a company official said.

Daniel Starks, of Little Canada-based St. Jude Medical, was detained Wednesday at the airport "during a baggage check by the Central Industrial Security Force team," agency spokesman Rohit Katiyar told the Indo-Asian News Service.

Starks, 56, was on a business trip to Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, the report said, when the cartridge for a pistol was discovered.

Katiyar told the news service that Starks presented a U.S. arms license but it was not valid, prompting his arrest.
The truth is, even I wouldn't consider this for the
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  1. This guy is an idiot, I doubt one live round is much of threat (absent an available gun to use it in) but still......?

  2. An idiot with a billion dollars...