Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Carry a Fake Gun?

In Chicago:

The officers pursued the man on foot, during which time the man drew a weapon from his waistband and jumped a fence, the statement said.

The officers announced their office and ordered him to drop the weapon. He then turned and pointed the weapon in the direction of the officers. In fear of their lives, officers fired at him, striking him. Police shot the suspect outside in the 7000 block of S. St. Lawrence Ave., according to a Grand Crossing District police sergeant.

The man suffered a gunshot wound, possibly to the leg, and was in “stable” condition John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, according to Fire Media Affairs Chief Kevin MacGregor. He is in police custody at the hospital.

Police recovered drugs and a replica firearm from the man, according to police News Affairs. No officers were injured.

In Los Angeles:

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says deputies shot and killed a man who led them on a chase with his motorcycle, challenged them to a fight then pointed what they believed was a gun at them.

The department says in a news release that reports Saturday said a motorcyclist was brandishing a firearm at drivers, and deputies briefly chased a suspect who matched the description.

The man soon abandoned the motorcycle in a street in the Willowbrook area, took off his helmet and challenged deputies to a fight.

The statement says when deputies approached him, he removed what appeared to be a handgun from his waist area, pointed it at them, and was shot.

The 24-year-old suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, and deputies recovered a replica gun.
Seriously, what is it with these fake guns? Do wannabe criminals carry them instead of real guns for some reason? What could it be?

Could the cops be planting fake guns on people? Is that less risky for them than planting real ones? Or have I been watching too many movies to even think cops do that kind of thing?

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  1. I fully support criminals carrying and brandishing fake guns. It makes for fewer criminals cluttering our streets and fewer real guns rusting away in police evidence lockers.

  2. Good riddance. Point fake guns at cops, end up full of lead.

    I have little issue with this. The cops did the right thing. I'm not the least bit surprised you stand up for the criminals. Gotta look out for your own kind, right MikeB?