Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Case Against Guns on Campus

• Arming students would make campuses more dangerous every hour of every day
• Armed students would be accountable to no one
• Arming students would not deter the rare campus shooting
• Academic debate cannot flourish in a room full of guns
• There are better ways to make college campuses safer

For an explanation of the above points, go here.

I like them all, but especially this one.

Reason #3. Arming Students Would Not Deter the Rare Campus Shooting

Suicidal attackers cannot be deterred. The perpetrators of mass shootings are nearly always suicidal, and end up taking their own lives at the end of their rampages. Armed students would likely become the first targets of any suicidal attackers, who can prepare for such an attack by maximizing their firepower. For example, a crazed gunman who attacked a city council outside St. Louis, Missouri, in March 2008, first shot and killed two armed police officers before continuing his rampage. He even used one of the officer's guns in furthering his attack.
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  1. You are sometimes crazy!!

    It isn't always about saving everyone in the room, it can be as simple as saving yourself.
    That guy Colin, who hid under the desk? What if he was hiding under the desk with a pistol? So when the assailant came for him, he could defend himself? It is that simple.

    Having 21-22-23 year olds with LTCF isn't about saving the college from turmoil, it is about "self" protection.

    If, God forbid, I ever have to defend myself or my family, it will not always be about being the hero and saving others, it will be a selfish act to make sure MY or my families life is saved. If it stops the criminal from getting others AFTER that, that's for the media to decide.

  2. Things that are okay to have on campus:

    skateboards or surfboards
    beer and wine
    lsd and mushrooms

    Things that really aren't cool:

    violence against women
    any kind of violence
    guns and weapons
    hard drugs
    hard liquor
    total dickheads that try to make big money selling weed and crank

    Remember, there are lots of young girls in college. If you don't even try, you'll never get anything!

  3. Pretty flawed arguments considering students aren't the only people on college campuses.

    "Armed students would be accountable to no one."


    "Academic debate cannot flourish in a room full of guns."


    "There are better ways to make college campuses safer."

    Yes. It's called razor wire and cavity searches. We employ them in our other fine educational institutes (prisons).

  4. Dannytheman, You said, god forbid you ever have to use the gun to save your or your family's life. You probably won't. And if you train and if you're intelligent and careful and responsible, like you seem to be, you probably won't have any mishaps with the gun either.

    The problem is most gun owners don't do the proper training and aren't careful, intelligent and responsible. For them, the vast majority of gun owners, chances of having a mishap far outweigh the chances of experiencing a legitimate DGU.

  5. Flying Junior you forgot the number 1 thing; Sex.

    Go to your local gun club, Mike and look at the wait to get into a training class. Around here there is a 3-4 month wait and deposit needed. We need more training classes, especially for woman. College campuses have an incredible high count on rape and that's counting only the women that press charges. A 2-3 pound gun make the tiniest woman 350 pounds of "don't mess with me"!

    I strongly recommend training to everyone I meet, I do not think it should be legislated, but should be encouraged. Make the training free, or more available! The free training could be financially offset by adding 1 dollar to NIC check. Only gun buyers would pay for all gun owners training.

    Now another thing to add. I mention the wait for training classes, you know why? I looked into opening an indoor range, 20 shooting lanes, all the trimmings and modern safety equipment. Tons of empty buildings to choose, and guess what, can't get local towns approval. Some ordinance, they suggest next town over, and guess what, them too! So now I am looking in the sticks where no one will drive. My lawyer say it will cost me more than it's worth to change ordinance. Insurance fees are through the roof.
    I equate it to cell phone towers and Nuclear energy. We want the phones to work everywhere, we want cheap power, we want gun training, but NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!
    So once again, you and I agree on something.

  6. I'm not going to carry a gun on a campus because I'm worried about some VT type spree shooting (though I suppose it COULD happen)

    I'm carrying for self-defense, period. Quite a bit of violent crime occurs on college campuses even though most are "gun free zones"

    Most of that moron's points are without any merit or factual basis whatsoever. Not surprising though. Typical anti-gunner.

  7. "The problem is most gun owners don't do the proper training and aren't careful, intelligent and responsible".

    MikeB, Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you're a moronic & irresponsible criminal with no respect for the rule of law that "most gun owners" are just like you.

    We're not. We are in a completely different class from you and your ilk.

  8. Anonymous, I resemble that remark. I am not "a moronic & irresponsible criminal"

    Dannytheman, Thanks for that info about the difficulty in setting up an indoor range in your area.

    I disagree with the female concealed carry deal being the answer to campus rapes. Those guns would do more harm than good, especially since most of the rapes are committed by male acquaintances who are abusing the power they have over the women. The gun wouldn't help in those cases.

    The cases where the rapist jumps out from behind the bushes wearing a ski mask are so rare, even on campuses, that encouraging women to be fearful enough that they want to carry a gun is wrong. Even in those cases the girl would have to be lucky to be in a position to use the gun.

    And don't forget that most of these women would fall short on the necessary training needed to handle guns safely, just like their male counterparts.