Friday, March 18, 2011

Nashville Store Robbery

How much leeway do we give a gun owner in the way he handles a gun under pressure? It looks like this one had a happy ending, but it was a bit wild, woulnd't you say?

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  1. After getting pistol whipped 3 times in the head by the criminal, I'm sure anger had some part. But look closely and you can see the store employee is using the oval convex mirrors to spot his assailants.
    The criminals had a gun, and he had a gun, he was obviously the one defending himself.
    Hindsight always make this an interesting study to perform, but I try not to dissect someone who is obviously in fear for his life and defending his self.

  2. I thought it looked as if he were shooting a bit wildly. If he could use the mirrors in the store, so could the bad guys.

    What I did not see was anyone dialling 911. Why?

    That would have certainly improved the chances of the cops catching the guy over just blazing away wildly.

  3. You seriously expected the store owner to be calling 911 in the middle of that?!

  4. Call 911? Are you friggin' kidding me? Pathetic...

  5. I agree that calling 911 in a situation like that might not be possible, but as Dog Gone said with wonderful understatement, "I thought it looked as if he were shooting a bit wildly."

    To me he looked like the kind of guy, of which there are tens of millions, who has a gun in shop or home but has done no training at all. Guys like this are extremely dangerous. If this case had a happy ending as it appeared, it was more due to luck than any proper handling of a gun by the owner.

  6. The criminals had a gun, right?
    But who was running for their lives?
    Criminals are cowards and bullys, When they get punched in the mouth they cry and run like all bullys.
    Dial 911, LOL!!! When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away? Sorry Dog Gone, you made me resort to bumper sticker mentality for your funny answer to this.