Saturday, March 12, 2011

Because Science and Medicine are Biased Against Guns

Medical doctors biased against gunloons.

Florida Medical Association:
This legislation criminalizes doctors who ask their patients about gun ownership to ascertain accurate and complete patient history as well as advise patients on gun safety. The bill also prohibits physicians from discharging a patient from his or her practice based on the patient’s refusal to answer a question. This is an inappropriate intrusion of government into the bond that exists between doctors and their patients. The FMA is adamantly opposed to these bills.

Gunloons often tell us they are opposed to any laws or regulations because they place "terrible, onerous burdens' on law-abiding citizens (who aren't really law-abiding). Yet, apparently, gunloons have no difficulty criminalizing prudent behavior of medical doctors.


  1. 2 things.

    I think I am better at teaching gun safety to my family or even you.

    Do they ask if patients have a pool, because more kids drown each year than die from guns?

  2. Dannytheman, I hate comparisons, but since you started it, wouldn't it be foolish to prohibit doctors from asking their patients about swimming pools?