Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Minnesota Background Checks

via Dog Gone of Penigma and featuring Joan Peterson.

What's your opinion? Why would people oppose something like that which has a proven track record?

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  1. Proven track record as opposed to what state that doesn't do it?

    We should all use ONE system.

    And really? I would have to meet with the Sheriff and my police chief each year? That's more than inconvenient. So I would have had to meet with them over 60 times? What for? When would they say, "This guy has been good for 5, or 10, or 15 years...."
    Asinine rules to restrict law abiding people and make it inconvenient for them to buy and carry.
    we are not going to agree at all with this one.

  2. It duplicates too many other needless checks and paper work. It costs money, it has proven to be a waste of tax dollars and it's a hassle.

  3. On the contrary, P, it has proven to work. Weren't you listening?