Thursday, March 10, 2011

Support the Oakland Police

Just the other day we talked about how good it must be to be an Oakland Policeman. That's because they get extraordinary support from the County Prosecutor and the District Attorney.

Mercury News has the latest.

County prosecutors have found that the fatal shooting of an unarmed barber by Oakland police was justified because the two officers thought the man was reaching for a gun.

The Oakland Tribune reported Tuesday that the Alameda County District Attorney's Office found that 37-year-old Derrick Jones ignored officers' orders to show his hands.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Klemmer wrote in a report that officers Eriberto Perez-Angeles and Omar Daza-Quiroz reasonably believed they were about to be shot.

The findings mean the officers will not face criminal charges in the shooting.
The dead guy "ignored officers' orders to show his hands." That's what I call being executed for disobedience. What do you call it?

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  1. Is it really that hard to just show the cops your hands? One of my favorite shows on television is COPS and it's amazing how many people on there get beat down, tasered, or pepper sprayed for something as simple as not following directions.

    When a cop says "Show me your hands" that's exactly what he means. He doesn't mean you "Go ahead and finish your cigarette" or "Reach for something in your pants."

    Remember: The guys with the guns make the rules. At that point in time, the cop is the guy with the gun. It would behoove one to obey his rules.

  2. And I suppose that makes it right for you, AztecRed? Police beating people or worse for disobedience is OK with you?