Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guns in Bars - Kansas City Style

This is one of the issues with which the gun-rights folks lose credibility. How can anyone think guns in bars is a good idea?

Witness said the off-duty officer was intoxicated and had been belligerent to other customers and employees. He reportedly shot the bouncer twice in the abdomen while being escorted from the club.

Kansas City, Kan., police said the officer is on administrative leave pending an investigation.
One thing I think our pro-gun friends have right is the terrible double standard in the way criminal cops are treated. If this guy were a civilian, do you think he'd be on "administrative leave," which I suppose means full pay while he drinks at home?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Your side assumes that everyone that drinks becomes a wild cowboy shooting his gun in the air.

    Everyone is different and some people handle their booze fine, or only have a couple beers.

    It's easy to throw out the entire batch for you due to one, or two, bad apples.

  2. Oh, yeah, what Dannytheman says.

    That's why the cops have two standards for DWI field sobriety tests, too. 'Cuz some people actually drive more better when they've had a few "pops" to calm theirselves down.

    Seriously, getting drunk is, by definition, a drinking problem. Having a drinking problem AND some sort of paranoia/low self esteem problem is prolly NOT a good sortathing.

  3. Dannyboy seems to consistently fail to differentiate between having A DRINK, and being DRUNK.

    I realize this is apparently a difficult concept for him, but maybe we will get it accross if we keep trying.

    After a certain amount of alcohol, which does vary from person to person, their judgement becomes impaired, including loss of the inhibitions which keep them from doing things they shouldn't when they are sober.

    Their physical reactions also become impaired, which includes their ability to hit what they aim at if they are shooting, making it far more likely 1. that they will shoot under the influence of alcohol when they would not sober; and 2. that they are a greater danger than even sober, of hitting people randomly or unintentionally.

    There is NO function to the enjoyment of a bar or restaurant - music, refreshment, conversation and association - which is not enjoyable equally without a firearm.

    There is no function of this kind of establishment which is enhanced or improved by the addition of firearms, secondary to employed security (armed and/or unarmed).

    Administrative leave for this policeman may very well be the term for he is being evaluated, and not allowed to work, to determine if his employment and continued law enforcement authority are going to survive this incident.

    We can only hope and pray the bouncer he gut shot will survive the incident.

  4. I actually liked what Dannytheman said. He's perfectly right that everyone who drinks does not become a wild maniac. To say that my side assumes that is not exactly right, though.

    Where we differ is in the "one, or two, bad apples" description of gun owners. I think it's a bit more than that. The Famous 10% covered it.