Friday, March 11, 2011

The Ascendancy of Gun Rights

via Norwegianity

Actual responses to the Tucson shooting — that is, something that might actually stop similar tragedies in the future or reduce the carnage — seem to be limited to a proposal in Congress to ban the sale of the kind of ammunition clip that allowed the gunman to fire 31 shots in 15 seconds. That bill is stalled at the gate. Perhaps Congress has been too busy repeatedly voting on bills to repeal the health care law to think about anything else. But, so far, the gun-clip ban has zero Republican supporters, which is a problem given the matter of the Republicans being in the House majority.

Meanwhile in the states, legislation to get more guns in more places (public libraries, college campuses) is getting a more enthusiastic reception.

The nation’s state legislators seem to be troubled by a shortage of things they can do to make the National Rifle Association happy. Once you’ve voted to allow people to carry guns into bars (Georgia), eliminated the need for getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon (Arizona) and designated your own official state gun (Utah — awaiting the governor’s signature), it gets hard to come up with new ideas.
I like the idea that the states are striving to make the NRA happy. But, I don't know if I agree with the last remark. I'm sure new ideas are coming up all the time. I've even heard some doozies around here.

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  1. National reciprocity comes to mind as a good use of the NRA's 4.8 million member strength. That would be 4,800,000 paying members. What is the Brady's numbers? 50K?

    In the USA Majority rules, and even with a 60% rule, the Brady Bunch is far behind and, IMHO, has lost this war. Brady has lost in court, in public opinion and in most States now.

    OK, so no one can prove that gun free zones do anything. No one can prove that law abiding people legally carrying in public colleges or libraries is a bad thing, BUT, we should be afraid?

    I don't get that?