Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Road Rage in PA

It's not your usual road rage story.

Allegheny County police say two men were arguing over an earlier collision when one man shot the other several times in his legs. Witnesses told police the shooter then sped off.

Police in neighboring Wilkinsburg stopped 36-year-old David Bush's car, then took him into custody after a short foot chase. Police say Bush confessed, telling investigators he made sure not to kill the other man.

Bush is being held on $50,000 bail on charges including aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. It was not clear if he had an attorney.
It was also not clear if he had a CCW permit and was one of the so-called lawful gun owners right up until the moment of the shooting. Maybe he had one of those Florida permits, or the Utah one. Is anybody checking on that?

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  1. Maybe he had one of those Florida permits, or the Utah one. Is anybody checking on that?

    Wouldn't that require someone to think that had some relevance? Good luck finding such a dumbass, outside the Violence Policy Center.

  2. Scissor Rage. Guns, knives and scissor bans?

    Come on, you have to laugh.

  3. Zorroy, With this,

    "Wouldn't that require someone to think that had some relevance?"

    are you saying there is no relevance between road-rage gun misuse and the perpetrator having a permit to carry concealed? Are you saying it's OK to not even check on that, which would of course account for those incredible stats we keep hearing about which say the CCW guys are super law-abiding?

    Please thrill us with your explanation.

  4. I won't claim to provide any "thrill[s]" here, but I'll be happy to support my position.

    Are you saying it's OK to not even check on that . . .

    Of course I'm saying "it's OK to not even check on that" (better than "OK"--it avoids the ridiculousness inherent to the futile search for relevancy of the shooter's "permit" status). As a firm believer in the axiomatic truth that the only Constitutionally and morally acceptable policy with regard to concealed carry is Constitutional Carry, I believe that the government-issued permission slips are themselves irrelevant.

    I did my best. I hope The Thrill Is[n't] Gone.

  5. Good taste in music Zorroy! One of the classic arguments in music is whether or not each key has its own meaning. (i.e. c#-minor denotes true sadness AEB the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata or Stainer's Crucifixion.) It is beautiful to see BB still creating music today. And I'm sure it probably meant little to him to play it in c-minor, presumably for the horn players. But the 1969 studio version in b-minor with its violins seemed a helluva lot more sad. I always characterized it in the mood of b-minor, rather than the key. I think Itunes is the only place to look for that on the web.

    Here is a 1970 take in the original key, no violins.

    Pretty sad indeed!

  6. Well I'll be damned, Flying Junior--looks as if you and I have a bit of common ground, after all. Actually, to be honest, I think I like the version you posted a bit better even than the one I'd found.

    I've never given much thought to different keys expressing different "moods"--maybe I don't have the ear for it (my ears definitely aren't what they were before Iraq). I understand that in the days of just intonation, that was an important factor, but I just really don't perceive much of an effect in equal temperament.

    Anyway, thanks for the link.