Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun With Maps

via Microdot

What other maps do you think we could consider?


  1. Like everything it all depends.

    Two issues are the biggest contributors to migration. The Ph of rain and soil types. Acidic rain does leach lead more rapidly and acid soils will as well.

    This is not new. The range I shoot trap at has been "mined" every three years for decades. Many years ago the club laid down a heavy clay sub base and laid light loam over the top. The light loam washes easily and the heavy clay both acts as a barrier and a marker to how deep they have to dig. Everytime they mine off the top layer the clay gets sampled for lead and it's never gone over the "worrisome"'level

  2. Off the top of my head:

    Fewest teeth
    Glenn Beck Viewership
    Handling snakes
    Sales of lard

  3. LOL. You're cruel, Jade. (and I came from Arkansas!).

  4. It's fun to say that you're better than other people?

    How about per capita lung cancer incidence in Biloxi as compared to San Francisco? Sounds like a real romp! Have fun!

  5. LOL!

    Perhaps you saw this: Passport ownership prevents diabetes....

    Statistics can tell you anything you want to hear. Fortunately scientists, unlike politicians, aren't given to manipulating the data.

  6. P, I see that comment belonged on another thread. I like very much what you shooting range does.

    I think the maps are a barrel of laughs. C'mon Flying Junior, lighten up.