Friday, March 11, 2011

Ashley Cole - No Charges

When the story broke, it looked like this guy was in big trouble.

Here's what happened.

Chelsea claim Cole, 30, has been punished by the club internally but he has not been suspended from playing since the incident was first reported by a British newspaper at the turn of the month.

Cowan did not press charges and left-back Cole has escaped a police charge, according to reports in the British press.

Cole has been an ever-present for champions Chelsea this season and has continued to play every minute while the incident was being investigated.
What a guy! He hasn't missed a beat!

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  1. This is the life of the privileged, that you want to inflict on the US, Britain, has had it for years, the monied-class and politicians get special treatment, and protection and the average citizens get shat upon....

  2. It was a friction BB gun. Hard to call it attempted murder or something when it's a toy. The Govt knows this and they fear having this go to court with popular person who has the funds to pay good lawyers, and who has popular support behind him.