Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home-Made Weapons

If gun control laws ever become too strict, that won't stop them. It's a natural, god-given, basic human right, after all. It has nothing to do with fantasy.


  1. Did you read the post? He is in China. The guns are fake. He's just a great fabricator. Cudos to him on a great project. Takes a he'll of a lot of skill to do what he did.

    Now if he can only weld up a passible Megan Fox....

    1. How do you think guns are made?

      You can make a once use 12 gauge shotgun out of 3/4ths inch PVC pipe, cap, and a nail. Multiple use if you use a steel pipe.

      What could this guy, or someone like him, do? And yeah, that's freakin cool

  2. Yeah, that's the problem. Too many people think like you.