Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ayn Rand - Heartless, Fanatic Philosopher Behind Today's Republican Party


  1. Poor writer, needed an editor, writes a crappy book that gets made into a crappier movie.....

  2. I like Ayn Rand.

    She's like Nancy Pelosi for those of us who aren't commies.

  3. That's fascinating Mike. Clearly the voice is a young Mike Wallace. Apparently it was on a show called The Mike Wallace Interview aired between 1957 and 1960.

    It does explain a lot. From A-Z. All the most extreme republican crackpots. Beck warning us against socially active churches. Limbaugh comparing good health insurance to being able to afford a house on the beach. How did this happen? Surely Reagan tried to hold the John Birch Society faction at bay during his presidency. Even George W. Bush campaigned on compassionate conservatism.

  4. It is fascinating. Her allure and popularity to the radical right is clear.

  5. Compassionate conservatism means drowning thr kittens in warm water instead of cold.

    Nancy Pelosi's a commie? It's not just guns that define a gunzloonz batshit KKKrazee.

    Assuming for a moment (and that's about as long as anyone with a functioning brain can stand the cognitive dissonance) that Pelosi is even a "socialist" in the generally accepted sense (she's a lot closer, politically, to St. Ronnie than she is to President Franklin Delano Rosenfeldheebkikejewsteindorf*) then I guess that Bek, Limbaugh, Hannity, Scarborough, Coulter, Ingram and the rest of the asshole reflux** crowd must be your idea of MOR pundits. I only wish they were, especially if I was driving a dumptruck full of shit down the road. I could run 'em over, scoop 'em up and throw 'em on the load without diluting its sweet, sweet shittiness in the least.

    The party of Abraham Lincoln has morphed into the party of homophobes, xenophobes, KKKristofascists, racists, gunloonza, tax cheats and indignorant dittoheads.

    GOP = Got Only Prejudice.

    * He really wasn't jewish, but that's not enough for the people whe were the "birfers" parents--I'm pretty sure that brand of teh whack is genetic in origin.

    ** "asshole reflux" is that condition which causes RWA pundits to shit out of their pieholes.