Saturday, April 23, 2011

College Students Against Guns on Campus

At Texas, There are politicians that want guns on campus.
Put a bullet into our pockets and call us safe.
What do you think?
In a world, where school shootings stem up from empty-barrel gardens, should we water the pot with gasoline and gun-powder?
Wrap the second amendment around our textbooks and call us bulletproof.
What’s the point in putting a finger in front of every trigger when you can’t even handle one loose cannon? Virginia Tech still closes their eyes Every time they hear a boom.
Do you really want to find out if we bleed orange?
Might as well paint a bulls-eye over the Tower so you know what we’re aiming at.
I’d rather prevent fear then invent more ways to feel it.
With all these budget cuts, what are you going to do when someone loses it and their license to kill has the University seal stamped on top of it?
Tombstones are not cheap If we can’t cheat on tests, how do you expect us to cheat death when the state of Texas is telling us to put our guns up.
This is not Texas tech.
There is a fundamental difference between promoting safety and stopping the violence.
When the sixth floor of the Perry-Castaneda Library 21-gun saluted Colton Tooley back into his mother’s arms, did you feel the bullet get a piece of you too?
Do you really want our campus turned into a dead-zone, where students shape shift into Zombies and stale skeletons shoot up every time a gun goes off?
My god, how high caliber of a campus do you want?
This isn’t about civil rights, it’s about placing constitutional liberties into the hands of students who haven’t even taken their first government class yet.
How do you expect to protect the student body when our bodies are at stake?
One slip of the trigger is all it takes to break fifty-thousand hearts.
My biggest fear is losing my best friend to a State-Approved bullet.
What would you do if it was you who had to break the news to a mother or a father that when they speak of their child from now on it will have to be in the past tense?
If this bill is passed you are a-okaying the past to re-create itself
1966 still sticks to our history books like a bloody thumbprint we don’t want credit for.
Since when did we become so full of fear and build guard rails around our bodies?
Sometimes you have to believe in people blindly there is still good inside of our guts, but we sacrifice all of our grace when we replace our faith with firearms.
What starts here changes the world, but you can’t see the world clearly when you are looking through a crosshair.
When you cross-pollinate fear and panic with a thumbs-up trigger you give the go-ahead to those who resolve their conflict with more chaos.
Since when is a solution the same thing as a contradiction?
It’s contradictive, a conflict of interest not with our best interests at heart.
The only problem need fixing is finding those people who have run out of reasons to resolve their problems peacefully and peacefully point them in the right direction.
Until then, may you Rest in Peace, to my peaceful state of mind.
To the 82nd legislator, the bulls-eyes of Texas is upon you.


  1. Great passion. I like the beat poetry aspect. Guns are for idiots. No place at all for guns on a peaceful campus. Eat shit gun legislator butthairs.

  2. Flying Junior, I couldn't have put it better myself.

    I found it interesting that among the young people who attend this poetry-rap contest, there was great enthusiasm for the subject of no-guns-on-campus.