Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Donald Trump Defending the Birther Movement

"People. love. this. issue, especially in the Republican party." Yeah, especially if they're racist Obama-haters.

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  1. How is a birth certificate racist?

  2. I really think there must be something going on mentally with Donald. He's no spring chicken. He's mumbling almost incoherently about being able to print a newspaper item 8-9 days after the birth, Obama has yet to produce his birth certificate... Completely unintelligible. He's in bad shape brother!

    If he is in command of his faculties and capable of normal cognition, that's one bat-shit crazy, un-American sick fuck! He is clearly disingenuous or deluded. Here's one for all of you birthers. Why don't you try to prove his mother was in Kenya in 1961? Surely there would be some record with the U.S. Customs Service of her departure from Hawaii and subsequent arrival in Kenya. N'est ce pas?

    And yes, Bright Eyes, there is a racist component to demanding that the first black president could not possibly have been born in the U.S.A. The Manchurian Candidate? What do you think?

  3. Children of American citizens inherit that citizenship regardless of where they're born.

    The whole thing is so ridiculous that I hate even responding to it. The only thing I can imagine that causes this phenomenon is the seething racism white Americans have for black Americans. Of course, not everyone suffers from this, but too many do and most of them will never admit it. But you can see it in these bizarre antagonistic attitudes.