Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rick Ector - Champion of Gun Rights Awareness

This is the guy GoTimothy was talking about.

A gun rights group says it's planning an "open carry" dinner at a Detroit restaurant, with dozens of people expected to wear holstered weapons in plain sight.

Event organizer Rick Ector is a firearms instructor and runs the blog "Legally Armed In Detroit."

The event is being held at a new location and different date after an owner of the restaurant originally planning to host it had second thoughts because of the publicity.

Ector says the event will be Monday evening at the BluePointe Restaurant on Detroit's east side.

Ector says he's seeking to raise awareness of people's legal right in Michigan to carry a licensed weapon in the open.
What's your opinion? Isn't it kind of immature for a bunch of grown men to insist on doing something just because they CAN? Is there any redeeming value to the open carry movement at all? Doesn't it say something that even some gun-rights folks are opposed to this and feel it does more harm than good to their goals?

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  1. Open carry events are public information opportunities.

    The media and fear mongers like you love to portray all gun owners as bumbling inbred hillbillies, which perpetuates a believe of some in the general public that only criminals have or use guns. Open carry events historically have a very wide based demographic spread and help bust that myth

  2. P, I agree with you that open carry events could dispel some of the pre-determined ideas people have of gun owners. But, I doubt if people could ever overcome that question of why. Why do it? The suspician that in spite of their varying appearance, these open carry guys are a bunch of lunatics, will prevail.