Monday, April 18, 2011

Guns - Open Carry - The Constitution

Well, actually that video was just chock full of thought-provoking ideas. One good one is that when someone thinks they're life is being threatened they have the right to defend themselves with lethal force. I admit this guy didn't sound like a brain surgeon, but if you think about it he made a really good point in an ironical way. It's not the non-gun owners who do this with their cars like he was saying. It's you gun owners. It's you guys as well as the cops who do this every single day. Bogus DGUs and murder disguised is what it is, in many cases where you only thought your life was in jeopardy.

Another good point is the more superficial one about open carry guys. There's something wrong with guys who want to do that and they can easily be presumed to be criminals. In places where it becomes popular, criminals could imitate them and go undetected.

But, best of all, he made a wonderful presentation for the fact that all guns in criminal hands come from you law-abiding gun owners. This is the irrefutable fact that ties you together with the criminal gun owners like first cousins.

There's more, but that'll do for now. Thanks for a wonderful fascinating video, Robert.


  1. Outlaw chainsaw sales it leads to gun deaths.....

    To shoot a man just because he was cutting up some firewood......

    Aw Berwwwwawawawawaawwawa (my best chainsaw imitation.....

  2. Mikeb302000:

    The referenced Seattle shooting could become an interesting story. It doesn't appear via a cursory reading that Washington State's Castle Law automatically extends to places of business.

    I know that a chainsaw is worth at least $89, some of them go for a lot more than that. So we know that perpvalue is prolly at least $89 else otherwise howscome the clerk woulda shot him.

    I hope he doesn't get fired and have to get a job at a grocery store where he might have to kill some 6yo for stealing a pack of gum.

  3. Don't like getting shot over $89 don't try to steal shit out of my store commie!!!!

  4. Dear Anonymous, You've derailed the entire discussion, again. This post was about the Constitutional right each of us has to run over open carry guys on the street.

  5. So there was no discussion before I posted, your post was a bunch of sophomoric nonsense you think that the ravings of some loon who if he did what he video blogs about he would end up in the prison are interesting?

    Your editor Doggone is not doing her job......

    And again so what....

  6. It's pretty obvious that someone needs to kill Timothy before he kills someone else.

    I'm not going to wait until he points his car at me. If he has a car, it makes me and others fear for our lives. Since the Constitution gives us the right to protect ourselves we have a right to shoot him whenever we see him in a car.

  7. AztecRed, I'm actually getting a little frightened of the words you're writing, and Anonymous too. I believe my life could be in jeopardy.

    All joking aside, the guy has a good point about seeing people with guns. The ones who really are good guys and responsible enough to handle their weapons look just like their first cousins who are gangsters and criminals. This is a problem for the rest of us.