Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guns are Bad News for Women - and Their Secret Lovers

Nothing unusual about this story. In Kentucky that's just the way things go.

A man shot his purported girlfriend and a man with her after finding them in an SUV parked in a wooded area in Knox County, state police said.

Police were searching for the alleged assailant, James Bargo, 57, of Knox County, on Tuesday.

Police identified the victims as Harold Croley, 60, of Corbin, and Charity Carter, 30, of Woodbine.

Both were taken by helicopter to the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital with life-threatening injuries, said Trooper Walt Meachum, spokesman for the state police post that covers Knox County.

Meachum said Bargo found Carter and Croley in a Chevrolet S-10 Blazer parked off a cemetery road in the Woodbine community, shot Carter and Croley each multiple times and fled.
What's your opinion? Do you think there just might be too many domestic abusers with guns?

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  1. Maybe that correlates to conservatives generally; more of them tend to be gun nuts, and there has been a definite culture war on women lately by the right in congress.

    Maybe conservatives are just damned misogynists who want to control women - and who think it makes sense to be armed, even if it results in shooting women who do leave them for another guy.

  2. From teh story: "Bargo, who has a lengthy criminal record, should be considered armed and dangerous, Meachum said."

    He had the gun illegally.

    Thanks for pointing out the futility of gun laws.

  3. Mom cries big crocodile tears over death of her son while on his way to choirboy practice.,0,7940404.story

    Vanessa Williams had an older son, Tony Williams, who was shot and killed on the South Side in June 1999. She has two other children, a son and daughter.

    Mother of the decade fails to see connection in the death of two of her sons.... that maybe she is a crappy mom....?

    Aw shoot.....

  4. Anonumbass, in what way is Vanessa Williams a 'crappy mom'?

    I rejected a comment from you about knives; it didn't get lost in 'cyberia'. Just so you know.

    You have no legitimate basis to comment on the depth or sincerity of anyone's grief at the death of a child.

    Gun laws do not work perfectly but consistently in those places where guns are less accessible, gun violence is far lower.

    Unless you can explain that away, you have a problem with your arguments.

  5. Pundit, do you KNOW he had a gun illegally?

    Do you know for example if he was in the NCIS data base for gun checks, or if he was one of the million plus who never had their name submitted, and who therefore acquired a gun through a legitimate gun-checked sale, when he shouldn't have, because his name didn't turn up any reason not to sell him a gun.

    Our gun laws don't work only because we don't use them or fund them, not because gun laws are inherently ineffective.

  6. Mikeb has put forward the opinion that you should move if you live in a dangerous neighborhood (in lieu of getting a gun for protection). Perhaps Mikeb feels this mother is to blame for not moving her family out of this bad neighborhood?

  7. dog gone - I don't think the law cares if your name shows up in the list as being banned from purchasing a gun. So while the sale of the gun may have been legal if the law enforcement failed to have this guy on the registry, his possession of a gun was illegal due to his past criminal history.

  8. dog gone:

    Assuming he was listed in NCIS and everything else that could be done to keep him from purchasing a gun legally had been done--he could still get one from any number of sources, including from some poor guy who had to sell his guns off in a hurry 'cuz Obamacare cost him his JOB!! 11onety.

    I'm sure you're aware that no REASONABLE GUN OWNER would ever do anything dishonest or stupid where guns are concerned. At least that's what I hear from the gunzloonz that like to troll here.

  9. The point of this post, for you pro-gun extremists who missed it, is that there is too much male-on-female domestic abuse going on and gun availability makes it worse.

    PUNDIT, who's moniker can only be appreciated by visiting his blogs, said, He had the gun illegally.
    Thanks for pointing out the futility of gun laws.

    Actually, what that proves, if it really was an illegally owned gun, is the close connection between lawful gun owners and criminal gun owners. The gun is what ties you guys together like first cousins, especially since the guns started out among the law-abiding and because of your irresponsibility and stupidity, flowed into the criminal world.