Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Police Murder for Disobedience - Toy Gun Involved

"During this attempted dialogue, Mr. Krummi produced a handgun and would not comply with commands from officers to drop the gun," Powell said.

The gun looked like a Taurus Millennium handgun, and officers "feared for their lives," he said.
The officers would later discover that it was an Airsoft gun. But Powell said that was unknown at the time.

"It's an exact replica," he said of the pellet gun. "They are almost identical."

Krummi did not obey officers' orders to drop the weapon. Powell did not immediately know Wednesday if Krummi said anything to the officers or remained quiet and noncompliant during the confrontation.

Two of the three officers fired their weapons. Krummi was transported by medical helicopter to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries.
There has to be a reasonable fear of lethal threat. Short of that, the cops saying afterwards that they feared for their lives, is just a bullshit justification.

Look at the lies and the spinning.

Powell called it a "very difficult and life-threatening situation" at the time for the officers and said they didn't have time to determine whether the gun Krummi was holding was real or not.
It was nothing of the kind. The fact that the weapon turned out to be a toy means it never was a "life-threatening situation."

My solution: ban replica guns and fire cops who murder people for disobedience.

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  1. Mikeb302000:

    Replica guns are not banned where I live, but using them "as if" is considered a crime. Whenever I read a story like this one I find myself wondering how many of these guys that pull toy guns on cops are either nuts (a distinct possibility) or if they were just unable to find someone who would sell them a real weapon at an affordable price.

    Then I get into the whole, "If guns were not just legal but really, really cheap, then everybody, perps and victims-no-more alike could have the firepower necessary to turn MerKKKa's "Mean Streets" into the "Boulevards of Brotherly Love" envisioned by the folks who say that "An armed society is a polite society". It's worked so well, after all, in places like Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan and much of Africa where firearms are both cheap and ubiquitous.

    I blame the firearms manufacturers for not having more BOGOFree or "Twofer Tuesdays" and "Frequent Massacerer" coupons; knowudImean?

  2. Mike,

    When the cops have a gun pointed at them should they be required to let the criminal shoot first to determine if it is a real gun vs. a pellet gun? How many shots should the criminal be allowed to fire before cops are justified in shooting back? Does the criminal have to actually hit a cop or another person with a bullet before lethal force is warranted?

  3. "democommie said...


    Replica guns are not banned where I live..." the nursing home for washed up hippies/Marxists, WTF is wrong with people, don't they know that you redistributionist a-holes will be sticking granny for her rice pudding !!!!!!!!!

  4. Annonasshole:

    I love to read your tough talk. Tell me, though, is it harder to type when you're jerking yourself off?

    Since I don't know which particular annonoasshole sockpuppet you are all I can really say is mikeyweer'dbeardorwhoeveritis that King Mikeb302000's banned from posting under their own tag, it must be so gratifying to do what you do. It probably makes up for the lack of a genuine life.

  5. dumbasscommie said...


    I love to read your tough talk. Tell me, though, is it harder to type when you're jerking yourself off?

    Seeing the quality of your posting you seem to have no problem J-O in your old age, why should I let it slow me down....

  6. Jim, I have no problem with cops shooting someone for raising a gun and aiming it at them. What I oppose is their shooting someone right before that and then claiming he did it.

    democommie, Those nasty characters you mentioned have not been banned here. No one has. Some of them comment anonymously because on their blogs they have banded together and called for a boycott of mine. This way, they think they have the best of both worlds.

    I invite them to come back using their "real" internet names.

  7. I believe the police, point a gun/replica at them get your stupid criminal ass shot....

    Play stupid air-soft games win stupid air-soft prizes....

  8. Mikeb302000:

    Ah, so they're just like wimps. More tough talk from wimps with gunz. Got it, Thanks.