Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Number Two Fantasy of Gun-Rights Extremists

Everyone knows number 1.

Doesn't it seem that our gun-loving friends live in a fantasy world. What do you think?

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  1. Μολὼν λαβέ (Molōn labe!) is what Spartan King Leonidas was alleged to have said at the Battle of Thermopolae when the Persians demanded the Spartan's weapons.

    It is a laconic phrase, and the Spartans were known for their laconic humour.

    The humour in this was that King Leonidas was slaughtered by the Persians who vastly outnumbered the Greeks.

    One can draw their own conclusions about people who in modern times chant Μολὼν λαβέ.

    I counter that with ἁστρο λάβέ!

  2. I think the classic gun guy fantasy must be a little bit like Some Hillbillies Decided to Pester the Wrong Guy! on YouTube. The "hillbillies" in the pickup truck tailgating and honking at the cool gun guy and his beautiful girlfriend turn out to be father and son. The dewd in the roadster does everything he can to avoid a confrontation, but the rednecks won't back down. Finally they think they've got him at the end of a dead end road. As they step out of their truck, Daddy grabs a baseball bat. At which point, our hero takes aim with his pistol and instructs his woman to get their camera and keys. I have often wondered if this video was acted or if it was real.

    Why else would somebody want to carry a gun everywhere they go, just in case today is the day they might have to kill someone?

  3. Number 1 is that adolescent obsession of courageously standing up to someone who's threatening or frightening. In that one the gun owner comes out on top.

    Number 2 is fighting to the death against the oppressive government, manly to the end. In that one the gun owner loses.

    They are a fascinating bunch, Iàll say that.