Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Pride of PA - Pigeon Shoots reports on the ongoing 

More than 20 years ago, I witnessed what was then the country’s largest pigeon shoot, in Hegins, Pa. It was a macabre spectacle, unfit for eyes — unreal and yet so horribly real. I’ll never shake the revulsion I felt at seeing children, young boys, sent onto the fields to stomp wounded birds to death or to twist off the heads of the maimed. 

What kind of values were adults teaching? It seemed to me like a cruelty training camp, and it left me wondering if these kids would have all of their natural empathy for animals entirely drummed out of them.
Though the Hegins shoot was eventually shut down, other events continue here and there today at private gun clubs. 

Last year when we discussed this sick and uniquely Pennsylvanian activity, Sebastian did what the pro-gun guys do when cornered, he accused the critics of lying.

Yeah, they're legal in PA, and only in PA, according to the following video. I see Sebastian has given his carefully nuanced support of this ugly business too, with his usual qualifiers like "not a big supporter of, but..." He also says Pennsylvania is not the only state that allows this. "The animal rights folks are lying in order to embarrass us on that count." Well, I'll agree with the embarrassing part.

What's your opinion?  Is this a sick activity, or what?

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  1. Pigeons are flying rats. Filthy, disgusting creatures that defecate everywhere. Their only saving grace is that they make great target practice/feral cat food. I just wish I could shoot more of them.

    Thank you PA for making the world that much better. Save some pigeons for me.

  2. I prefer to throw cherry bombs into their nests at night.... much more humane.....

  3. Tough talk from the macho boys. This is a sick business and that's why Sebastian got pissed off that PA was being singled out. His contention was that other states do it too. What a justification.