Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guns are Bad News for Women - With a Twist

Mercury news reports on a different version of the famous old scene.

A man is in surgery and a woman is in custody after she shot him and then surrendered at a West Oakland church, police said. 

The names of the victim and the suspect were not released. 

The man was undergoing surgery late Tuesday after being shot three times, police said. Police said he is expected to live. 

The shooting happened about 7 p.m. in the parking lot of a convenience store at 889 Grand Ave. in West Oakland. A short time after the shooting, which drew a crowd large enough that extra officers were called for crowd control, the woman surrendered at a Athens Street church, police said. 

The motive in the shooting was a domestic dispute, police said. The woman was reportedly heard yelling at the man about alleged physical abuse before the shooting.
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  1. Domestic abuse is bad for women - and for men.

    So, apparently she was a good enough shot to HIT him, three times...but one has to wonder where she hit him on his body, and what she was shooting.

    This sounds like a terrible end to an ongoing problem of violence, one which will continue to make the respective parties involved victims instead of victors.

    I wonder if the gun nuts who read here will now advocate that if more people were carrying guns at the scene, this woman would have been shot as well - and if they think shooting the apparent victim of domestic abuse who is alleged to have commited this crime would have been a desirable outcome?

    I think this story argues very eloquently why it is that simply arming everyone is NOT the solution to domestic violence.

  2. Old saying. Sam Colt made a 98 pound woman the physical equal of a 250 pound man.

    In most places in the US if the woman was abused and was afraid of more abuse she will be released over something like this.

    Re the statement about a permitted individual shooting her. Doubtful. Possible but doubtful. First of all, she had a person she was directing her rath at. She was not a threat to the other carrier. Second, your taught to leave or call 911 if you have the chance, news reports have this escalating over a period of time.

  3. Even if she gets off on the "battered wife" defense, her life is severely damaged due to that gun. If proper gun control had been in effect and a gun had not been available, she might have turned to legal and legitimate means to solve the problem.

    Guns are bad news, period.