Friday, April 27, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Florida Man - He's Dead

Tampa Bay Online reports

A Lithia man who thought a gun was not loaded accidentally shot himself in the head and died early Thursday morning.

Taylor J. McKenna, 19, was socializing with friends at home about 2 a.m. when an unloaded handgun was being shown to the group.

Later, unaware that someone loaded the gun, McKenna picked up the weapon and shot himself in the head.
Florida just keeps on coming, doesn't it?


  1. No, that's just natural selection at work. He picked up a gun, assumed it was unloaded, pointed it at his head, and pulled the trigger! Would you ever do something like that? I wouldn't do it even if I knew the gun was empty, it's stupid. That's just one less idiot, he did society a favor.

    1. That's just one less idiot, he did society a favor.

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      Reply: Do not answer for society, You are the idiot! you were not there, you do not know what exactly happened. There are people mourning this death and are lost of this life. DO NOT answer for society. We do not accept you.

    2. You're right Anonymous. rtm1776 unfortunately represents a large portion of the gun-rights folks.

  2. WHOA, why would you ever say he did society a favor? You ever hear of Karma, well its coming after you. Taylor was an awesome kid, got a long with everyone. There was no reason for him to go but I guess everything happens for a reason. You are messed up by saying something like that about someone who you do not know.
    So really your the idiot here.